QCPDN Programs

Excellence in College Teaching

The Excellence in College Teaching Certificate Program is designed to help new and experienced faculty pursue teaching excellence through a series of courses focused on sound pedagogy, principles of effective instruction, and techniques to meet the needs of 21st century learners. The complete program includes one full-day seminar, four half-day seminars, one elective and the evaluation of a portfolio of teaching artifacts.

Higher Education Administrative Professional/Supervisor Programs

These programs are designed to assist new and experienced professionals achieve exceptional departmental results through a series of courses aimed at building self-confidence, critical leadership skills, and efficient and effective practices.  Additional, skill development courses may be offered in software, supervision, communication and time management.

Professional Networking Opportunities

  1. Staff Exchange Day: Formal Staff Exchange Day began in Fall of 2011, targeting specific positions from each member college. The event is held semi-annually, with different positions selected each time. The Staff Exchange involves sessions in which employees from each position share ideas and best practices, consult with each other on common challenges, and receive a tour of the host facility. 

  2. Faculty Exchange Day: Much like the staff exchanges, but created with the needs and interests of faculty. The first faculty exchange was in November, 2013.