The Quad City Professional Development Network Overview

Membership is open to any accredited college in the Quad Cities area of Illinois/Iowa who pays the annual membership fee and provides two board members to actively serve on the board. Membership is in synch with a July-June fiscal year. The membership fee is set each winter in time for member colleges to submit budget requests for the subsequent year. Board members meet monthly to plan and implement a calendar of professional development events, contribute expert presenters for events, and manage marketing and coordination of faculty and staff participants from their local colleges.

Member Institution and Board Members

Augustana College

Black Hawk College

Eastern Iowa Community College

Palmer College of Chiropractic

St. Ambrose University

Trinity College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Western Illinois University, Quad Cities

Responsibilities of Membership

  1. Host and attend board meetings and relevant event planning meetings, including the annual retreat.

  2. Host events, provide speakers, and facilitate registration for hosted events.

  3. Participate in a shared needs assessment and determine benchmarks for success.

  4. Take a leadership role in the group on a rotating basis (one year term).

  5. Serve on faculty or staff development curriculum work groups, or others, as needed.

  6. Contribute an annual fee and provide fiscal oversight when leading the group.

Membership Benefits

The primary benefit of the QCPDN to its members is stated in its mission: The mission of the QCPDN is to share resources and to create professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that meet the common needs of member institutions. The Network embraces innovation, life-long learning, collaboration and cost effectiveness as guiding principles.

It's purpose is to enhance the professional development opportunities of each institution's faculty and staff, beyond what each college is able to provide on its own. By sharing resources and minimizing travel, costs are also reduced. Another major benefit is the networking made possible by faculty and staff development employees from all of the colleges sharing ideas, challenges, resources, and opportunities for collaboration with each other. Finally, each college is free to structure local marketing, registration, and selection of participants as it fits best with their institutional culture.

Membership Cost

The institutional membership fee is $2000 annually. This covers free access to all QCPDN events for any attendees from each college, subject to space limitations. The total budget funds refreshments provided at the events, course materials for attendees, a stipend paid to the developer/presenter of each course or conference session, and shared organizational costs such as Web site hosting. Member institutions provide course developers/presenters from their staff for selected courses, and in-kind time on the part of their board members to serve on the planning board and manage the local marketing and registration process for their own employees who participate in QCPDN events. Costs incurred when hosting a QCPDN event are billed to the QCPDN for reimbursement according to budgetary guidelines set by the Board.

How to Join

Membership in QCPDN is a fiscal year membership, from July 1-June 30. To inquire about membership or ask further questions, please contact one of the chairs of the QCPDN board.